Satellite images in support of hydrological forecasts

How hydrometeorological products obtained from satellite sensors can improve hydrological forecasting

  • Spatial precipitation as added value to hydrological forecasts
  • Soil moisture detection using high resolution radar imagery for inflow prediction
  • Fusion of active and passive microwave images to evaluate the spatiotemporal dynamics of soil moisture at the basin scale and for inflow prediction
  • Potential of microwave images to evaluate the influence of forest fires on the hydrological regime of northern watersheds
  • Contribution of knowledge on snow cover area in hydrological forecasting
  • Estimation of snow packs by multi-sensor satellite data for hydrological forecasting
  • Hydrological forecasting by a combination of hydrometeorological indicators derived from satellite images and climate indicators
  • Investigation of approaches based on flow control and remote sensing to mitigate flood risks