Assimilation of satellite data in hydrological models

How to couple spatially hydrometeorological data to hydrological models in order to optimize inflow forecasts

  • Evaluation of the potential of images of the future SWOT satellite to estimate large reservoirs inflows and for assimilation in hydrodynamic models
  • Use of InSAR technology to estimate spatio-temporal variations in ice thickness in large lakes and reservoirs and to calibrate thermodynamic models of these water bodies
  • Assimilation of snow measurements by correcting the parameters of a hydrological model
  • Improving the assimilation of multi-sensor satellite data using artificial intelligence: application to soil moisture
  • Multi-source assimilation of snow data to improve hydrological forecasting
  • Assimilation of hydrometeorological data for dynamic calibration of hydrological models
  • Hydraulic modeling of a river using remote sensing for calibration and forecasting