Water management for uses such as hydropower generation and for flood protection and mitigation has continued to grow in importance in recent decades in Canada and around the world. It has also been accompanied by the need to improve hydrological forecasts. Despite significant advances in the field, there remains a large number of challenges in getting the most out of satellite information for hydrological forecasting. It is in this context that the Department of Civil Engineering of the Université de Sherbrooke has created an industrial Research Chair on the Application of Hydrometeorological Data from Satellite Images To Improve Hydrological Forecasting. The main objective of this Chair is to develop knowledge and develop methods to optimize the use of existing hydrometeorological information, with a focus on information from satellite sensors, to improve short and medium term hydrological forecasts.

The Research Chair is supported by the following industrial partners:

Hydro-Québec | Brookfield Renewable Power | City of Sherbrooke

This Chair will contribute to developing tools and models to capitalize on the rich information provided by satellite remote sensing, coupled with traditional terrestrial observations, to produce more robust and reliable hydrological forecasts. The best possible knowledge of anticipated inflows is crucial to optimal operation of water resources systems for energy production and to minimize impacts downstream and upstream of these structures.



Main research subjects of the chair